Bob Curtis
1436 State Street Santa Barbara, CA 93110
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What Bob's Clients Say...

 "Bob is a special person. He is an excellent listener, communicator, professional and above all patient. Service is the key to your business and Bob is the definition of excellent service. I commend and highly recommend Bob to all the people I know. I have had the opportunity to work with many agents in the Santa Barbara community. Bob clearly stands above his peers in all aspect of professionalism." --Andy Winchester

 "I feel Bob did an outstanding job from beginning to end. I would not hesitate to recommend Bob!" --Tom Bregante

 "Bob did a great job. Very professional and personable. He handled lots of tasks for us. I really appreciate the job he did for us."  --Maureen McDermott

 "He was very attentive and sensitive to our needs. When I told him we just wanted to have a look, he was relaxed and not pushy in the least. When I wanted to write a contract, he didn´t waste any time and responded immediately." --Georg Naumann

 "Bob Curtis is a keeper." --Bruce and Dorothy Sweet

 "Bob did a great job! It was an extreme pleasure working with him, seeing how he handled our home, our neighbor´s new sale of their dream home, and selling my neighbor´s home so quickly. He was very reassuring which helped me through all of this." --Nancy Gstettenbauer

 "Not only did he actively listen-he remembered everything." --Robert Neuman

 "Bob is great. We had a difficult situation to deal with and he made the entire process easier. I don´t think we would have sold the house as fast as we did if it wasn´t for him. I wish I had several houses to sell so I could continue to work with him." --Robbie Overby

 "Purchasing two houses from Bob this past month, once again re-enforced my belief that a strong realtor has the ability to iron out the ever present wrinkles before they fester. I look forward to future acquisitions from Bob, who is a great person and savy realtor." --Rudy Eisler

 "Bob treated me as a friend rather than a client. During my tirades, he remained calm and patient at all times." --Esther Borah

 "Bob went above and beyond in handling our transaction. He has as professional manner and is the epitome of a GREAT Realtor!!!" --Greg and Anne Greaney

 "We were impressed with his initial marketing package as well as his experience." --Nora Lewis

 "He was the best real estate agent I have ever worked with." --David and Angela Beardon

 "We like his no pressure, get the job done approach." --Mr. and Mrs. Joseph

 "I myself have been a real estate agent and broker. I have been associated with many. Bob is probably the best I have ever worked with." --Jim Bybokas

 "Like a conductor, Bob leads all of the players in the transaction, orchestrating the timing and performance of inspections, open houses and walk-throughs. Even when major problems arose after the close of escrow, Bob was ready to go to bat for us again. He is a great communicator, a math whiz kid, and definitely someone you want on your home team!" --Dan and Katie Clause

 "Because I was not a resident of Santa Barbara and had no business contacts, I had an extraordinary need for trustworthy, competent agent service. I received that from Bob Curtis." --Ms. Rose

 "He made our first home purchase pleasant, easy and exciting-but most of all, he made it happen, and for that we are incredibly grateful." --Katie and Phil Cusimano

 "Everything people say about him is true! He´s great!! It was a pleasure working with a true professional and gentleman." --Gail Pearly (fellow realtor)

 "He is a gifted professional and deserves all the accolades that proceed this reputation." --Dano O´Neil (fellow realtor)

 "Bob Curtis is a professional Realtor associate, knowledgeable about current prices of homes, details of financing and escrow, and above all friendly, conscientious, and courteous to all parties." --Takeo and Wanda Shibata

 "He led us every step of the way through the purchase of our first home. We will never hesitate to recommend him to our friends" --Larry and Lori Nofer

 "Bob is one of the most capable and friendly real estate agents we´ve known.  Should we have real estate dealings in the future, Bob will be our agent." --Frank and Edna Nelson

 "He really helped me find the place of my dreams."  --Lori Vitalari

 "I will sum it up quick, Bob was outstanding in every angle we encountered."  --Pierre Charest